Imagine having a beautiful business website, within 7 days from today, that makes people eager to do business with you

Don´t lose more clients as a direct result of poor webdesign

Your new website will look amazing and make you stand out as a serious business. PLUS it will be strategically structured and desgined to make it easy for potential clients to get in touch with you on phone or email

Stop (indirectly) sending clients to your competitors

You miss out on business opportunities if your website isn´t optimized for search engines and indexed in Google´s search results. Like all businesses in 2017 your website needs SEO to get found. Right now your competitors are getting all the clients from Google.

Get a low priced all-in-one website solution that you´re proud of

For a price lower than many of your competitors have paid for webdesign alone – we give you a complete website package with: webdesign, local SEO, Google Analytics, content creation, monthly reports, fast hosting and super friendly support and even your own admin panel with access to change website content

Have questions? Request a call back from one of our friendly consultants

*We will contact you within 24 hours. If you don´t answer your phone we´ll send you an email.

Get a design you love - we customize untill your´re happy!


Impress your website visitors and get more business leads

Establish trust and get more leads with a beautiful and custom website for your local business. We include all you need (a beautiful design – optimized to generate phone or email leads, Local SEO, Google Analytics and content creation) for a low monthly fee – pay ZERO for setup! What´s not to like?

100% satisfaction guarantee

We´ll adjust and customize the design untill you´re happy.

Local SEO included

We´ll optimize your new website for people searching for your services.

Hosting & support

Get answers to your qustions within 24 hours. Get hosting on super fast and reliable servers.

We can write your content

We´ll even write unique content (written with SEO in mind) for 5 webpages – at no extra charge.

Impress mobile visitors

Your new website will be optmized for different screen sizes. It will look great on both computers, smartphones and tablets.

7 day delivery

Get your brand new website within 7 days. We´ll begin the design immediately after we got your requirements.

Choose your package here

After ordering you´ll be contacted by our webdesigner who will welcome you and ask a few questions

Silver Package - Local Business SEO

$99.95per month/12 months

  • Verification of profile
  • Citation optimization
  • Keyword analysis
  • Content recommendations
  • GMB profile optmization
  • Ranked in Google Maps
  • Optimized to rank in Google

Platinum Package - Website, SEO + Google Adwords

$349.95per month/12 months

  • Gold Package +
  • 5 campaigns (250 keywords)
  • Thorough keyword analysis
  • Code implementation
  • Conversion tracking (leads)
  • Text- & banner ads
  • Weekly optimization
  • Monthly performance report

Frequently asked questions

Of course you have a few questions before deciding anything. We´ve listed some common question here.

What is the process after ordering?

As soon as we´ve got your contact information we´ll get in touch with you to clarify your requirements for your website. We´ll then know if we should use the existing content or create new, what images to use, what webpages you need, the color theme etc. We´ll send you some example websites for you to get an idea of what you like. Then we´ll customize that design and install the new design on your business domain.

Why do you offer Local SEO as part of the website package?

We only want happy clients and we believe the best way to achieve this is to overdeliver. If we deliver a new good looking website, that´s great, but imagine if you get a new good looking website PLUS you begin to notice that you get more and more relevant requests from potential clients. Then we´ve created a happy client. Local SEO is an absolute must for all local businesses as it can get your website listed directly in Google search results and Google Maps when people search for your services.

What if I don´t like the design?

We are confident that you´ll be amazed by the design our experienced webdesigner will create for you. But as our mantra is “we only want happy clients” we offer you a 100% refund if you´re not happy with the design. You got nothing to loose.

I need help with other online marketing disciplines, can you help?

Yes we can. We have 5 years of experience within online marketing and can help with the following.

1) Online marketing strategy. We know it can be hard to figure out which marketing channels perform the best. Let´s create a complete strategy for your online presence across the different marketing platforms.
2) PPC marketing. PPC is “pay per click” marketing. We have 4 years of experience with Google Adwords, which is one of the most effective ways for you to generate new business. We also help with PPC advertsing on social media, such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.
3) Content marketing. Our team of content marketing specialists can create a lot of exposure for your brand. The content can be blog articles, videos or an ebook that guides, inspires or entertains your target audience.

How long do I commit to use your website service?

We have created our products and pricing with you in mind. Therefore we make it possible to cut down the payment for your new website into 12 small amounts. Also remember, included in the monthly price you get your new website optimized for search engines (SEO), we implement Google Analytics, we send you a monthly visitor report,  we can create content, you get fast hosting and a super friendly support team ready to help if you have any questions. We will deliver much more value than you pay for – trust us on this.

If you want to get an even lower price you can pay upfront and save 10% for 12 months or 8% for 6 months upfront. Other companies charge $3,000+ for the design alone and then you still have to pay for hosting and SEO afterwards. $149/month is a bargain.

Every 12 months you´ll qualify for a free redesign, so you´ll never have an outdated website. When you´re with us we make sure everything is up to date.

I don´t have much time, but I´d like a new website. Can you handle everything?

We know that you likely are busy running your business. Therefore we will send you some example sites for you to choose from. Choose one you like, let us use your existing content from your old website and rearrange it so it looks great on your new website. If you like, we can even create new unique content for 5 webpages – you don´t pay extra.
To sum up: 1) You´ll pick a design from the examples we´ll send 2) We´ll customize it for your business with your content, logo etc. 3) Within a few days you´ll get the first version of the design. 4) Tell us what you think and we´ll customize untill you´re happy. 5) We continue untill you´re satisfied. 100% satisfaction guarantee. How great is that?

What makes better than other webdesign companies?

First of all, we deliver an “all you need” solution. We create a modern mobile responsive business website, optimize it for search engines, implement Google Analytics tracking and send you monthly reports with visitor numbers. We know how a website should be structured to give visitors a good user experience. This will make it more likely to generate leads that are interested in doing business with you. Plus you even get your own admin panel where you can login to change text when needed. So yes, you´ll be in good hands.